CD Recordings

Improvisations with Johannes Ernst Köhler, Weimar
Concert with improvisations of the famous organist Prof. Köhler which he played just a year before his death. The concert is played on a three-manual house organ.
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Sample Köhler
Rare romantic organ pieces by Franck, Sibelius and others. Played on a Mühleisen organ in Stuttgart by Hans-Rudolf Krüger
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Sample Orgelromantik
Portrait of the Renaissance music collection of the municipal archive of the city of Heilbronn. Music for keyboard instruments and ensemble with historical instruments and singers. 2 CDs
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Sample Musikschatz 1
Music from the organ tabulature of Johann Woltz played with organ, Cornetto and organ, Cornetto and trombones
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Sample Canzoni
Another recording with music from the Woltz tabulature played on a Cornetto and bc. and organ.
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Sample Nova musices
Newly composed music in the style of the Early Baroque
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Sample Komm Trost...
The Lamentationes Jeremiae by Pierre de la Rue and the Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae by Isaac
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Sample Lamentationes
First recording of the Sacra Partitura of Philipp Friedrich Boeddecker organist at the Stiftskirche Stuttgart. Works for soprano and b.c., a violin sonata, a basson sonata and a small funeral music, the only work published by him in Stuttgart
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Sample Boeddecker

The Missa O gloriosa Margaretha by Pierre de la Rue and organ music from his time played on the Renaissance organ in Rysum
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Sample de la Rue/Rysum
First recording of the column recorders after Hans Rauch together with Renaissance recorders and traversi.
Original music for recorders and traversi

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Sample Recorder

Franconian organ music played on the historic organ of Pappenheim (1722). First recording of the Lieder in Hertzen-Trosts-Musica by Johann Staden.
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Sample Pappenheim
Music in the house of Martin Luther from prints of Georg Rhau for vocal quartet and 3/4 instruments.
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Sample Musik über Tisch
Music from archives in Leutschau and Kesmark in the Zips7Slovakia played on two historic organs and a claviorganum
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Sample Zips
Music for violoncello an piano from German baltic composers.
Works by  Burghardt, Freymann, Zielowsky, Rössler, Vietinghoff-Scheel, Radecki, Weyrauch
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Sample Malinconia

Ouvertures by Fasch and Petz played on two historic organs.
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Sample Fasch Petz
Organ music by Placidus Metsch played on the Gruol organ 1824 on Bissingen
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Sample Mestsch

Lieder after poems of  Mörike composed by his friends
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Sample Mörike
First recordings of piano works by Gustav Jenner the only pupil of Johannes Brahms
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Sample Jenner

Concerti by Albinoni played on the organ
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Sample Albinoni
Ouvertures by Telemann and Heinichen played on two historic organs.
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Sample Telemann Heinichen

Works by the Stuttgart Hofkapellmeister Samuel Capricornus
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Sample Capricornus
Johann Ulrich Steigleder.: Ricercar tabulatura played on a historic organ in Florence
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Sample Steigleder

In October 2006 there was a radio transmission in Radio Vaticana including an interview with the organist of thies recording Olimpio Medori. You can download this 45-minute-programme here (ca. 18 MB)

Music from the time of Friedrich I. of Wurttemberg
Contains the 10-part madrigal from the music table in Stuttgart
Sample Biffi
The 6 violin sonatas by Johann Christian Hertel played by Rachel Harris.
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Sample Hertel

Serafin Christmas music from the Renaisance and Early Baroque
Ensemble il canto firgurato Ulm.
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Sample Serafin
Im alten Stil
Lieder and Chamber music from the time between 1910 and 1939
Ensemble der Denkendorfer Kreuzgangkonzerte
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Sample Im alten Stil

Malinconia- Works for Piano Trio / Malinconia Ensemble
Works by Burghardt, Freymann, Franke, Elsner, Herzog von Württemberg
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Sample Malinconia 2
Tous les regrets
Music from the Court of Marguerite of Austria
The MOdena Consort
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Sample Tous les regrets

Gallus Guggumos MOTTECTA  1612
All works by the last pupul of Gabrieli
il canto figurato ulm
Sound sample coming soon
P. Anton Estendorffer: Organ works
Laura Cerutti plays the Baumeister organ of the monastery church of Maihingen

Ouvertures by Jean Noel Hamal transcribed and played on a harpsichord by Laura Cerutti
Sample Hamal
Music around the poet Friedrich Hölderlin

The new organ of the former monastery church of Alpirsbach/Black Forest

Johann Friedrich Fasch: Concerti and Overtures played by Laura Cerutti on two newly built organs by Hey ind Mellrichstadt and Kreuzberg
Samuel Capricornus: Taffel-Lustmusic
contains all secular music that has survived from the Stuttgart Hofkapellmeister. Instrumental ans vocal works played and sung by "I Capricorni" and "Cantobaleno-Quartett".


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